John A. Halter Shooting Sports Center Membership
- Can I bring a guest?

Members may bring a guest (maximum of two per visit) for a one time charge of $10

- What is the minimum age for an individual membership?

The minimum age requirement for an individual membership is 18 years old.

- Does the range provide paper targets for pistol?

Paper targets may be purchased at the range. Members may also bring their own.

- Does the range sell ammunition?

Members are responsible for bringing along the ammunition they intend to use.

- Does the range provide hearing protection?

Ear plugs are provided.

- Does the range provide shooting vests?

The range has a set number of vests available for member use.

- Do members need to check in every time the range is used?

Members must check in at the AcuSport Lodge each visit to the range, prior to shooting.